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TOBI [ pronounced Toe-Bee ]


16.5"L x 19" H x 8.5" W

A Yoruba name which means 'great/big'. Oversized and crafted from microfibre leather with velvet on the inside - TOBI features a multi-combination closure with drawstring, belted straps and press studs for quick release - making it more than a regular backpack. Embossed in Daniel Diyepriye's signature jigsaw motif you can see why this backpack carries such a name. 

TOBI features:

  • A top handle
  • Inner zip pocket
  • Outer side pockets
  • Adjustable back straps
  • Press-stud closures
  • Belt closure
  • Gold-tone hardware

 Available colourways:

  • Black
  • Grey

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The brand was envisioned by Tubonimi Nkari Dokubo (image above). Who sadly passed away April 2020. The brand was later established by his son Daniel Diyepriye in October 2021. 

The image above was taken in the early eighties when Mr Nkari Dokubo first migrated from Africa (specifically Nigeria Calabar) to Brixton London England.The brand  started attempting to honour his flair for uncompromising quality and impeccable taste.  WhIle still staying true to its African heritage.  

Diyepriye which means wealth will follow you in the Nigerian language of Calabar spoken by the Nigerian River state people. The wealth of heritage  associated with the name given to Daniel by his father is one Daniel understood cant be ignored.


Luxury has been defined by everyone else. As an African i struggle to see a representation of Luxury presented in a way i can relate to. My father taught me patience, theres beauty in details, in life you cant miss pieces and always complete things. The jigsaw puzzle is the embodiment of what my father taught me. These principles are literally carved on each bag.